100% Handmade:

Not only do I, “sew in the extra hug”, I also sew in safety. An inner core of fabric puts an extra layer between the pellets and real life!  Just because I can look out the door and tell by the clouds, approximate wind speed and temperature what weather we are about to have, I would never apply for a job as the weather man at an air control tower. In the same way; just because I can sew and know what it takes to make a quality product, (quilt), I won’t prescribe it’s use or make recommendations for your child.

A Peek at the Process

High Quality & Taking Every Precaution: 

What I can do is the highest quality work in making my products and quilts and, take every precaution to see that they are safe.

Quality Sustained with Broad Cloth Inner Core:

I use an inner core of broadcloth, this keeps the pellets from matting any batting and provides an extra layer between the pellets and the real world. If your household is any thing like mine, blankets don’t stay neatly folded on the bottom of the bed. They are dragged around from bed to couch to grandmas house… you get the picture.This extra layer gives you time to catch a snag in the outer layer and repair it before pellets are lost, eaten or otherwise escape.

Sandwich Stitch = Even Distribution:

Blankets start with high quality cotton flannel or quilting grade cotton, a bouncy layer of batting is added for softness, two layers of broadcloth, the tough stuff, to keep the pellets in and then backing of a super soft fleece. This sandwich is stitched together making individual pockets so the pellets can be evenly distributed through out. All outside edges are double stitched and then I add a quilt binding to add protection and provide a crisp clean edge.

Personalized to Fit Your Style:

Every one is different.. no new news there… So each blanket can be custom made to your needs, likes, preferences and hopefully budget.

Take out the batting, change fleece for a layer of flannel makes the blanket less warm for those who sweat a lot.

Add a personalized quilt top as your top layer. One to match your decor? Through emails,chat and phone you can have the opportunity to be part of the process in personalizing a weighted blanket that is just right. Our blankets will last a long time, so we take the time to be sure we understand your needs.

Make the blanket out of 2 sturdy layers of light colored fabric and add a duvet cover if you prefer.. new to our line of options.

Pre-Made is Always an Option:

There is also a Pre-Made section if you are looking for something that can be shipped within 2 business days, same quality, promise!

Follow the process with me on how it’s made. Watch me work.. slide on over to Facebook and see the current projects on the go!

If you’ve chosen a quilttop made with 4″ squares your blanket starts it’s life out like any other quilt, in pieces! (picking up rows)

Smooth out all folds and wrinkles for a crisp start.

Can Stand the Test of Time

We all know how well grandmas quilts held up to use and time. That same fresh look will last wash after wash with our blankets as we used the age old formula when putting together your weighted blanket. Soothing all 5 layers and taping the bottom fabric to a hard surface will keep it from walking as I pin every 4inches. The object is to provide a crisp surface layer without any wrinkles in between: wrinkles in the middle layers make it difficult to evenly distribute the pellets (tape).