Quality. Custom. Weighted.

What I Provide:

Weighted For You is a home business providing a local source for quality, custom weighted lap pads and quilts, weighted neck snakes and Busy Pads, to keep hands occupied.

My products are geared towards persons with autism to help in calming and grounding individuals. Busy pads are great for fidgety fingers of clients and family with dementia.

I also make keepsake quilts from baby cloths,shirts or other fabrics that hold a special meaning to you and your family.

High Quality & Safety Always In Mind

I am a PSW and CSW and have personal experience in helping individuals live comfortably and productively in their own space,as well I am aware of the challenges faced by caregivers and family.

Just because I can look out the door and tell by the clouds, approximate wind speed and temperature what weather we are about to have, I would never apply for a job as the weather man at an air control tower. In the same way just because I can sew and know what it takes to make a quality product, (quilt), I would never prescribe it’s use or make recommendations for your child.

What I can do is the highest quality work in making my products and quilts and, take every precaution to see that they are safe.

Autism Friendly


I can and will recommend some reading. Other times I will share a few points from personal reading and research.

Safe use of weighted products: “weighted blankets are usually recommended as a strategy to assist children to calm and settle…”

“…applying weight has an impact on a child’s nervous system, helping it to process and modulate sensory input more effectively…”
“…both the tolerance of the child to the weighted blanket and the benefit of the weighted blanket must be considered when determining the length of time the weighted blanket should be applied…”
“…the child must possess sufficient cognitive and physical capabilities to be able to free him/herself from the weighted blanket at any time…”

Please take a moment for the safety of yourself and your child to visit the Precautions and Warnings link below.


A health professional’s advice must be obtained to ensure that the use of the blanket is suitable for the child. To read more please click button below.