Please ask your own Therapist for the size best suited to your personal needs:

The generally accepted range of weight for a weighted blanket given by most OT’s/PT’s is 10% of a child’s body weight plus a pound or two. Blankets are meant to cover the person not necessarily the bed size. Blankets should not be larger than the used bed size either as overhang would tend to drag the blanket off the bed.

As an example a 60 pound child could use a blanket of 7-8 lbs. The child’s height plays a part in choosing the size as well. Choosing a blanket a up to head height longer than the child allows for growth while keeping the majority of the weight over the body.

If I chose a twin blanket weighted to 10%+1lb  and the child is only 45″ tall almost half of the needed weight is on the bed instead of on the child, as the weighed pellets are spread evenly throughout the blanket.

Custom Orders:

Custom orders means we can place the weight in the blanket where ever needed.

If you are looking for an all over bead cover but he child is still shorter than most of the bed… we can fill just the appropriate top area leaving the bottom unfilled.

Weighted Blankets for Adults:

When looking for a weighted blanket for an adult,the size most preferred is 20+ pounds no mater the body size or weight according to studies and personal testimonies. This being said many of my adult clients have said they prefer a medium blanket to curl up on the couch with and most frequently ask for it to be 10 pounds. Using it most frequently for a wrap or throw blanket over their knees and lap

Please take into consideration how you intend to use your new weighted blanket.

Always Available to Answer Your Questions:

Feel free to contact me and we can discuss your personal needs.

The charts for length and width measurements are guidelines.  If you need something different please let me know.

Being local means we can connect and develop a personal product together.