Take a Moment & Meet My Awesome Customers!

We got your creation today. Desmond is so happy with it…He wants to go to sleep now. Between a new beautiful blanket and being up at 3am this morning….I am encouraging it. Thank you so much again!!!
Becky L.

Thank you very much for the nicely crafted weighted blanket. I bunched it up a bit for my son until he just sat on the couch and didn’t move.

It was also a bonus to meet you! Thanks again!

A photo from today after my son received the blanket. He was doing some “snoring” sound effects, which means he is all comfy and ready to go to bed.

Angela C. A.

“It wasn’t meant for her bed but hey, if she wants it, she gets it.”

Elizabeth CH

Loving her new blanket! What a miracle worker it is!

Pattie P.

Thank you so much for this amazing Batman Weighed Blanket!! Bailey is loving it!!

Jennifer D.

Ethan loves his new weighted Blanket! Thank you so much Andrea, it’s beautiful and really snuggly!! This face says it all!!!

Elizabeth R.

Isaac LOVES his new blanket. He brought it to his bed, took of his comforter, nicely put on his new weighted blanket and got under it. He said “night mom” and you could visibly see his body relax under it. THANK YOU Andrea – you do amazing work!!!

Amanda M. P.

I’m so stinkin’ happy!!! Thank you Andrea for my beautiful new quilt! I love it love it love!!! Eeeekkk!!!!

Andrea is absolutely amazing at what she does and the quality is outstanding! I love my quilt and I truly enjoyed my time with her in this process. She definitely takes the time to work with you, and applies such attention to detail to make sure that what you are getting is exactly what you envisioned! By the way, my husband and I slept wonderfully! He’s even stopped complaining about his hips hurting!

Tiffani B.

“Received my frozen blanket and she loves loves loves it ? beautifully made amazing time line. thanks so much.”

Patricia S.P.

“My son absolutely loved his Olaf themed weighted pillow from the show last night! Thank you so much:)”

Vanessa S.

“Received a frozen blanket for my daughter from Weighted-for- you it’s beautiful and very well made. I’m seeing improvements in her sleep as well.  I’m very happy with my decision .”

Sumaira B.

Thought I would let you know that I took my blanket in to my meeting (at Kinark) and we all had a cuddle lol. Lots of people very impressed. Mathew was awake when I got home and she was very happy as well. awesome job. Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas.

Bonnie T.

My son absolutely loved his Olaf themed weighted pillow from the show last night! Thank you so much:)

Vanessa S.

My son has been inseparable from his blanket since receiving it! Thank you for the extra hugs that were added when making it for my special man! He can’t wait to go to bed with it and he is curled up watching sports with it now – very content and happy boy!

Laurie J.

One very happy young lady under her new weighted blanket! Thanks to Andrea for creating a colourful nighttime hug.?

Darlene P.