Meet Andrea

About Me:

Hello there, I’m Andrea and I am the mother of 4 plus a few extras! 

I am a PSW and CSW and have personal experience in helping individuals live comfortably and productively in their own space. I am well aware of the challenges faced by caregivers and family.

know how hard it is to find quality sensory tools. Personalized tools help in the acceptance and use.

“Mine” is not always a bad word. 

My Mission:

Provide a local source for custom weighted pads, quilts and neck rolls as well as busy quilts.

Did you ever crawl in grandma’s bed? Do you remember the heavy covers and how safe and cozy you felt? My weighted blankets can give you that feeling all over again! I sew in that extra hug! 

Weighted-for-You is a home based industry focused on providing a local source for custom weighted pads, quilts and neck rolls as well as busy quilts to keep hands occupied.

Being local means we can connect and develop a personal product together. 

My Story: 

I started the company, just over a year ago, when another mother online asked how to get an inexpensive weighted blanket. I had not yet heard of them but thought, I sew and have from a young age. I make quilts, I can figure this out! After doing research on line about the benefits, and seeing how to videos I set about using my knowledge of quilt making to create a quality product. I couldn’t see how mixing pellets and batting in the same pocket would make a smooth durable mix as the posts were suggesting so I experimented with different combinations. making and washing them. The best solution was a sandwich!

So long story short, I found the best way to make weighted products economically to purchase a half ton of pellets! Well I sewed and sewed and used up all my pellets in one year, taking us to today and I purchased 1 ton of pellets, hired/contracted a couple other moms who are familiar with sensory processing needs and that brings us to summer 2016. Time to “Sew in that Extra Hug” for you and your family!

Just because I can look out the door and tell by the clouds, approximate wind speed and temperature what weather we are about to have, I would never apply for a job as the weather man at an air control tower. In the same way; just because I can sew and know what it takes to make a quality product, (quilt), I won’t prescribe it’s use or make recommendations for your child.

What I can do is the highest quality work in making my products and quilts and, take every precaution to see that they are safe.