Calming Effects

Studies have shown that weighted blanketsĀ help to calm, ground, benefit sleep, or help with bed wetting (all reasons my patrons have told me, or the doctors have recommended a weighted blanket to help with).

Occupational Therapists Recommend:

OTs recommend them for sensory therapy, Autism, and Aspergers. There are also the countless clients who rave over improved restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, and Parkinson’s symptoms, and their ability to stay focused and to relax. Family and PSWs say it helps adults with Alzheimer’s to stay seated longer with the application of some weighted products thus reducing wandering and agitation.

Improvement of Mood:

The proposed theory around the blankets and other weighted products is that the added weight causes the brain to release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that improve moods and induce a calming effect. One study , Champaign 2007, conducted with adults suffering from various mental health issues, stated 63% of participants felt less stressed. “Safe, secure and comfortable” were the top three terms used by study participants.

Articles from Temple Grandin advocate using deep touch pressure to soothe special needs children, college students and animals. Article link is just below.

And don’t we all just love that shoulder massage from a buddy after a tough day? Or the memories of crawling into grandma’s bed? Do you remember the heavy covers and how safe and cozy you felt? My weighted blanket can give you that feeling, because I sew in that extra hug! .

About My Clients

My clients range from people with…. no special needs at all, they just really enjoy the feeling of the deep sleep being snuggled in under heavy blankets, to people who suffer from PTSD, ADHD, MS, kids in class who need a the lap mat to help ground them, a neck snake to help with proprioperception, are just a few of the reasons to give this non-medicinal aide a try!